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We help businesses to transform, brands to connect,
and design to communicate.

Fall In Love With Dance

We crafted a festival identity based on “dancing molecules”.


In the Kennel

A handmade approach to crafting Kennel's identity


Design Thinking Symposium

In the mood for Design Thinking


Introducing The Salt Lab.

We believe in communication, not simply good-looking design.


Quote of the day

Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow. Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow. " - Dewey Mewey, TSL studio cat

da:ns Festival Identity 2013

11th November 2013 by toan

For da:ns Festival 2013, the brief was to create a…

Baybeats 2012 Music Festival Identity

1st May 2013 by Adeline TSL

The Salt Lab was psyched to work on the festival identity for…

Branding Chef Icon Nature Bakery

1st May 2013 by Adeline TSL

"Many people have asked us: what is a nature bakery?"…

Latest News

We create all sorts of things: from brand identities, to websites, campaigns, illustrations, publications environmental graphics and copy. Here is where we bring your backstage on The Salt Lab’s latest work-in-progress, creative process and random happenings in the studio.

Renew yourself, and the rest will follow

22nd December 2013 by Adeline TSL

There’s a common question when a designer returns to the…

Chef Icon’s: Branding with story

2nd May 2013 by Adeline TSL

"A recipe is something that's alive." That's one of the…

In the Making of Kennel.

25th June 2012 by Adeline TSL

Kennel: In a nutshell We first worked with Mark Wee…